Customer Asset Value

Driving customer asset value through innovation
Measurement of customer asset value
Understanding customer asset value driving future revenues for the company through segmentation and scoring customer relationship strength
Causal factors affecting customer asset value
Understanding the relative contribution of Loyalty program/Rewards/Value Added Services, Customer Experience, Product/Service Proposition and Pricing Brand affinity
Customer Strategy development
Fomulating evidence-lead customer strategies driving customer asset value
Loyalty program design and enablement
Designing and implementing effective loyalty/rewards/Value added Service programs
Benchmarking customer relationship strength within and across industries
Technology enablement
Integration with advanced technologies to enable new age personalisation and customer engagement

Why this approach is different

Unique foundational approach and positioning
Driving value from customer relationships
Unique measurement
Focus on developing customer asset value
Unique Loyalty Program/Rewards/VAS design
Engineered to develop customer relationships as assets to the company
Short, medium and long term benchmarking
Benchmarking against other companies within the industry

Examples of market-based assets include customer relationships, channel relationships, and partner relationships. Market-based assets, in turn, increase shareholder value by accelerating and enhancing cash flows, lowering the volatility and vulnerability of cash flows, and increasing the residual value of cash flows

Srivastava & Fahey, 2001

Our Capabilities

A team of specialists staying abreast of international best practices and academic research

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Developing and measuring customer asset value
Customer strategies need to result in long term value generating revenue for the future
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Design and enable new generation loyalty/rewards/VAS propositions
Benefit propositions need to be designed such that long term value is generated
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Outcome based strategies and agile benchmarking
Engineering for outside-in agility in strategy formulation

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